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Beginning January, 2022, attendance is mandatory for showcase preparation. Students will begin to prepare their performance pieces. Fees to participate in the showcase are $40 registration fee and $90 costume fee per class for the mini classes (3-4 Creative Movement, 5-6 Pre Dance, & 6-8 Hip Hop) and $100 costume fee per class for all remaining recreational classes.

January 10th-14th - Signed Showcase Forms and Registration Fee Due

February 7th - Costume Fees Due (will be automatically processed)

February 21st-25th - Costume Measurement Week - Attendance is Mandatory 

May 9th-13th - Picture Week/Spirit Week

June 6th-10th - Last Week of Recreational Classes - Attendance is Mandatory

June 16th - Staging & Lighting Rehearsal - Attendance is Mandatory

June 17th - Showcase Dress Rehearsal - Attendance is Mandatory

June 18th - Studio Showcase Performance Night - Attendance is Mandatory

We are extremely excited to present Morton's Dance Center's 5th end of year show! All of our dancers train very hard, most of them year round, and this is the time for their talents to be shown off! 

To register for the year end showcase, please print and return the 2022 Showcase Registration Form (at the back of your packet) NO LATER THAN January 14th, 2022. This is an extremely important piece of the puzzle when putting on a show! We need to have an exact amount of who will be participating in the show for reasons including, but not limited to: costumes, programs, dressings rooms and show order. Please make sure your dancer's name is legible as this is used for the printing of the programs and t-shirts. More information will be provided in a Show Packet handed out in December, prior to Winter Break.

Any forms received after the 14th of January will count as an unregistered show dancer and the dancer will not be allowed to perform. Any payment received will also not be refunded.

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