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1. NO REFUND POLICY. In rare cases, dancer accounts may be credited. However, there are NO
REFUNDS by Morton’s Dance Center. Account credit will be on a case-by-case basis. This includes registration fees and any previously paid tuition or other charges.

2. If any dancer must take a leave of absence from classes (i.e.: sports, musicals, school activities, or other commitments) he/she must pay $15 each month to freeze their enrollment. If this fee is not paid, dancer will need to re-register upon their return which will include paying any balance on their account as well as a registration fee. The only exception to the $15 freeze fee to maintain enrollment is injury/illness. Qualification for fee to be waived is dependent on a doctor’s note (this exception does not include competition team dancers).

3. With any class changes (dropping of class, switching levels, etc.) parents/guardians must notify the office (email is sufficient) before the 20th of the month prior to the expected change. If the request is made after the 20th, the account will be charged for the price of the previous month and adjusted accordingly in the following payment cycle.

4. Registration fee of $50 (individual)/$75 (family) charged at the beginning of the dance season (or at the time of dancer registration during the 2023/2024 season).

5. All automatic payments and billing will be done on the 25th of the month prior. Automatic billing is required by ALL dancers unless otherwise noted. Any defaulted payment (whether from expired cards, declined balances, etc.) must be taken care of by the 25th of the month to avoid accumulation of late fees. If any problems occur, payment can be made by calling the office during office hours or by email at

6. Any payments received after the 25th of the month will result in a $25 late fee. There will be an additional $10 fee added for every week the balance is not paid after the due date.

7. Tuition is prorated based on approximately four lessons per month and includes consideration of holidays, inclement weather and other potential closings. Likewise, there is no extra charge for months with five weeks. Make-up classes will be at the discretion of the studio.



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