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1.    No food, chewing gum, or cell phones allowed during class.


    Water ($1.00) will be for sale in the office.

2.    No running or horseplay in the hallways, studios, lounge, or lobby areas.


3.    Do not disturb classes that are in session.  Parents, please refrain from watching classes in the studio or through the windows as this may be distracting to both the students and teacher.  We encourage you to watch class through the television in the lounge area.


4.    No swinging, climbing, or sitting on the ballet barres in either studio.


5.    Please label ALL dance shoes, clothing, bags, etc.  Morton’s Dance Center is not responsible for lost or stolen items.


6.    All dancers must be picked up promptly at the end of class.  Morton’s Dance Center is not responsible for students after class.  Please call the office if there is an emergency.


7.    If a dancer must be picked up early, or you would like to speak to an instructor, you must stop in the office and speak to a staff member (Assistant Director, Office Manager, etc.) first.


8.    Unruly behavior will not be tolerated, nor will any disrespectful behavior toward instructors or fellow dancers.  You will be asked to leave the studio immediately.


9.    Morton’s Dance Center reserves the right to cancel any class, at any time, due to insufficient enrollment/attendance for that particular time.


10.    All classes must have 4 or more students in attendance in order to have a full length class.  For 3 or less students, class will be shortened to 45 minutes. 

11.    Instructor will leave 15 minutes after the start of class if no students have arrived on time.

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