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Fall 21-22 Registration Will Open JULY 12TH!

2021 Summer Registration Info BELOW!

To Make Payments or Visit Your Online Portal,                         

There will be NO online enrollment for the 2021 Summer Schedule.

To Register for Summer Dance:


Morton's Dance Center will be accepting Summer 2021 enrollment through the following- Email, Phone, & In Studio!

Unfortunately there will not be any online enrollment for summer classes as we have decided to transition into a new studio program and will be working on it throughout the summer!

MDC 2021/2022 Fall Class Enrollment will be looking different and exciting as we will be introducing a brand new studio program!


Phone: (717)-209-6608

In Studio: 301 Main Street, Landisville, PA 17538

Summer Schedule Pricing: MDC is offering 3 options of payments!

1. Drop In Fee- $15 each class

2. 7-Week Session- 

This offers a dancer to pick 1 class, 2 classes, 3 classes, & 4 classes. The classes you choose can not be switched to other classes. For example, if you enroll for 2 classes: First class ADV HH & Second class ADV Street Jazz - you can not take INT HH, you must take the classes you have chosen.

* $105.00 - 1 class for 7 weeks

* $210.00 - 2 classes for 7 weeks

* $315.00 - 3 classes for 7 weeks

* $420.00 - 4 classes for 7 weeks

3. Class Cards- 

This offers a dancer to pick from whatever class they would like to participate in, even if its 3 different classes a night. You will get a class card when you enroll and the card will be punched every time you participate in a class, keeping track of the amount of classes that you paid for.

* $75.00 - 5 classes

* $150.00 - 10 classes

* $225.00 - 15 classes


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