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Ballet - Leotard, tights, ballet slippers and hair pulled into a bun are required.  Ballet skirt, leggings, and fitted tops are at the discretion of the instructor.  Male dancers must wear a form fitting shirt (a-tank, v-neck, etc.), fitted shorts ending above the knee, and ballet slippers.  Compression shorts are mandatory.  Any dancers who arrive to class without meeting these requirements will be asked to change or will not be allowed to participate in class.


Street Styles - Hip Hop, Street Jazz, Breakdance - Open toed shoes/socks/bare feet are NOT permitted in these classes.  Sneakers are mandatory for these classes.  Attire must not be restricting to dancer.  T-shirt, tank top, sweatshirt, shorts, sweatpants, leggings, or harem pants are suggested.  


Technique Classes - Jazz, Acro, Contemporary, Stretch Flex & Core, Lyrical - Leotard, tights and form fitting clothing are required (tank top, shorts, leggings, dance pants, etc.).  Ballet shoes, dance paws and Footundeez are acceptable forms of footwear for these classes.  NO BARE FEET.


Mini Classes - Creative Movement, Pre-Dance, Intro to Dance - Leotard, tights, and ballet slippers are suggested.  Form fitting clothing is required.  Ballet skirt, leggings, shorts, etc. are at the discretion of the parent.


MDC Spirit Wear - MDC Spirit Wear can be purchased by visiting the SHOP tab on our website.  We will have several pieces on display in the downstairs office as well.

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